Sharika Soal “Never Sell Your Soal” Mug


Our Sharika Soal novelty mug makes it clear that while life may bring you to your knees, never sell your soal.


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Who is Sharika Soal?

Sharika Soal is an internet personality that came to prominence for hateful takes on Black men and advocacy for the Black women divestment movement. Upset by her prejudiced vitriol, internet detectives uncovered adult video where it is alleged that Sharika Soal partook in extremely racist and x-rated acts with White men. In the videos, the woman alleged to be Sharika Soal was forced to eat watermelon and engage in other degrading acts that gave credence to the argument that Soal suffered from self-hate.

Background on Sharika Soal

Sharika Soal was born in 1984 in Chicago, IL but was raised in Ames, IA by her White adopted parents. She attributes her disconnect from Black society to her upbringing and states on her site “When I waa adopted by a White woman, I become her child, not the black community’s…” Her relationship with said parents appears to be rocky as Sharika Soal alleges sexual abuse of her and her son by the hands of her adopted parents.

How to Engage w/Sharika Soal




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